Our Personal Services

We assign all our clients a personal agent when they come to sell with us.

They will be your first port of call when it comes to anything connected with selling your home or property.

All our agents come to us with years of experience selling homes in the Cape Cod area. Many of our real estate agents have been in the business decades and they certainly know a thing or two about making a sale!


We can sell your family home for you without it seeming like a big deal.

Of course, it is a big deal and we understand very well the upheaval – both physically, financially and emotionally that this entails.

Whether you are downsizing because the kids are moving on, up sizing because you haven’t got enough space, or something else, we realize that, to you, your home is more than just bricks and mortar. It is also more than just a savvy investment. It is your home; where your children were born and grew up. Possibly where you remember a loved one, who is no longer with you.

We deal sensitively with all our residential sales clients.

The help we provide is tailored to you and the specific needs of your family.

We help you to see the potential your home has to offer another occupant or family.

This means our real estate agents offering individual assessments of your property; its strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t worry if things aren’t perfect to begin with. Together, with the dedicated help of one of our real estate agents, we can formulate a plan to get your home looking its best.

Our real estate team have lists of the best local cleaners, joiners and handymen in the area. We can put you in touch with trusted tradespeople in your neighborhood.

They can also advise about redecoration and decluttering your home.

Finally, our agents can handle the viewings and will stage your home for photos on our website.


In addition to our domestic and residential sales team, we also sell commercial and industrial units.

If you are struggling to sell your business or premises, we can be of assistance.

Our specially trained business team understand the unique challenges of selling a business premises and can do everything possible to help you achieve your assets maximum potential.

For more details or just an informal chat speak to Shayne (commercial manager) or Stacey (residential sales).